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History of China

History of China On Video:
Dynasties of China(2070 BC-1911 AD) 中华文明的起源 (2500-2070 BC) 夏 朝 (The Xia Dynasty 2070-1600 BC) 商朝 (Shang Dynasty 1600-1046 BC)
周朝 (The Zhou Dynasty 1046 -771 BC) 春秋時代 (Spring & Autumn 771-476 BC) 戰國時代 (Warring States 475-221 BC) 秦朝 (The Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC)
漢朝 (The Han Dynasty 206 BC-220 AD) 六朝 (The Six Dynasties 220-589 AD) 隋朝 (The Sui Dynasty 581-618 AD) 唐朝 (Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD)
五代十国 (Five Dynasties (907-960 AD) 宋朝 (The Song Dynasty 960-1279) 元朝 (The Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368) Zheng He's Voyages (1405-43)
明朝 (The Ming Dynasty 1368-1644) 鴉片戰爭 (Opium War 1839-42) 香港歷史 (Hong Kong History 1841-1997) The Taiping Rebellion (1851-64)
The Boxer Rebellion (1900) 清朝 (The Qing Dynasty 1644-1911) 孫中山 (Sun Yat Sen 1866-1925) 長征 (The Long March 1934-36)
The Nanking Massacre (1937) Japanese Invasion (1937-44) Japanese Aggression & Atrocities The Roots of Communism in China
The Silk Road 中华人民共和国开国大典 (1949) Great Leap Forward (1958) 東方紅: 音樂舞蹈史詩 (East Is Red 1965)
Cultural Revolution (1966) Cold War (1949-72) 毛澤東 (Mao Tse Tung 1893-1976) 周恩來 (1898-1976)
China's Century of Humiliation Deng Xiao Ping (1904-97) 錢學森 (Qian Xue Sen 1911-2009) China in Space (1992-2020)
香港回歸 (Hong Kong Handover 1997) 澳門回歸 (Macau Handover 1999) 抗戰勝利70週年 (V-Day Parade 2015) 長江三峽大壩 (Three Gorges Dam)
客家天下 (Hakka People Worldwide ) The History of Chinese Americans 華人下南洋 Presidents of China
China in Transformation (1949-2019) 圓 明 園 中国大运河
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